10 Promising Start-Up Ideas that can Change the Armenian IT Environment

A group of young representatives of IT industry plan to give solutions to various issues via technological means and mobile apps: from apartment renovation to providing financial information, from a new approach to parking and game applications and so on. And it's not just ideas.

On March 25, 10 young Armenians from "Technology Beyond Borders: Ankara - Yerevan" project presented their startup ideas, the success achieved, steps towards their implementation or progress to the professional jury and all interested individuals at the Tufenkian Hotel Hall. 

The jury composed of well-known specialists of the field was impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of the young people. One of the objectives of the event was to provide recommendations for the improvement of ideas, to direct the young via questions and opinions. 

We propose to get to know the interesting start-up ideas and the authors one by one.

  • Tigran Gevorgyan. Programming of ‘Dare Me’ game, which is the mobile alternative of the famous “Truth or Dare” game,
  • Arbak Martirosyan and Sargis Sargsyan. Programming of “Stone Game” in 3D environment,
  • Arthur Karoyan. Programming of  a game for mobiles called “Cubway” which would have 55 game levels,
  • Narine Hovhaniisyan. Mobile app to develop tourism by using “Beacon” technology,
  • Margarit Margaryan. Establishing joint virtual platform which will contain financial information about banks and other financial institutions,
  • Harutyun Harutyunyan. Creation of mobile app which will enable the drivers to find the closest parking lot for their cars
  • Shushan Aspaturyan. Creation of “Motivating” mobile app, which will enable the users to put different goals and achieve them via the help of the app.
  • Gegham Jivanyan. Creation of “Skycryptor” Program, which will enable to encode the information of users in Cloud ensuring that users’ data are secure.  
  • Vahagn Hovhannisyan. “Home planning”, which will enable the people who renovate their houses to connect the houses with the renovators.

To learn the details of the submitted ideas, please watch the video of the event.

Emin Okutane, Co-founder of "Viveka" organization in Turkey, watched online the speeches of participants and regularly joined the event.  Emin Okutane worked with young start-uppers during 4 months and positively assessed the progress made by the participants and shared tips on how to make them even more competitive.

Representative of US Embassy in Armenia was present at the event who emphasized that the Embassy was proud to fund such a project and greeted the innovative ideas of the young and fostering entrepreneurship in Armenia.  

The authors of Start-up ideas emphasized the importance of their participation in the project “Technologies Beyond Borders: Yerevan-Ankara” and mentioned that they obtained much knowledge and skills while developing their business ideas.

“My participation in the project was very efficient from the perspective of programming and design. Though I had much experience in my specialized field, I did not pay much attention who our users are. After participating in the project I began to pay attention who our users are and what needs and preferences they have,” Arbak Martirosyan said.

“The project gave me an opportunity to contact with international experts, to learn much from them. What is the most important I understood how to implement the start-up ideas one by one and achieve success,” one of the participants Narine Hovhannisyan said.

Participants noted the importance of ensuring adequate knowledge and education to the professionals in the IT sector that will encourage many innovative initiatives.

“I had the opportunity to interact with new people, to hear comments on my startup ideas. I was fascinated in Turkey by how the information technology sector is supported by public policy. The main problem of the IT industry in Armenia is that it automatically develops. There are no high-quality educational institutions, and if there are, the quality of education is very low. The sector is largely dependent on individual programmers own initiatives,” another participant Gegham Jivanyan said.

It is symbolic that other participants of projects in the IT sector organized by PJC were present at the event.

“Technologies Beyond Borders: Yerevan-Ankara” Project is the logical continuation of the first project “Technologies Beyond Borders” (February-May, 2015) initiated by the Public Journalism Club and Microsoft Innovation Center in the framework of which 6 start-up teams from Armenia and Turkey participated in the acceleration training in Yerevan. The project was co-funded by the US Embassy in Armenia and the European Union. 

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