The Young Propose Innovative Solutions for Tourism Development

During the first Hackathon titled “Innovational Tourism” young people from Armenia and other countries who are interested in tourism and claim changes and development, submitted 15 innovative IT solutions fostering tourism field.

About 75 young people participated in the technology and innovative event in Tsakhkadzor on April 8-10. They formed groups and developed joint projects and submitted to the jury. 

Experienced specialists and trainings held simultaneously contributed to the formation of new ideas.

Hackathon jury selected five best ideas - DeafX, ShareaBit, Toursquare, Extremeo, HomMy:

The winnerDeafXteam proposed innovative solution, video guides, for people who have hearing problems.

ShareaBitplatform will give an opportunity to people who are specialized in anyfield and experienced to earn money during   travelling and organizing practice exchange at the same time.

Extremoappendix fixes tourists’ movement, dynamics and trajectory and will provide the security of tourists who are engaged in extremal tourism. 

Toursquareappendix will give tourists a chance to choose a guide according to their preferences.

HomMy tends to become an international exchange program which will give an opportunity to organise an exchange of houses and cars.

Certificates ceremony of the best five teams will take place on the Day of Programmers, the first Saturday of May; progress of teams will also be announced.  

AdLine, ShareaBit, Art360, Extremeo teams had an opportunity to present their ideas in Mergelyan Club of Young Researchers organised by “New Technology Education Fund” and “Tecknology & Science Dynamics”.

Hackathon jury included “New Technology Education Fund” Executive Director Vahan Hovsepyan, “Union of Information Technology Enterprises” (UITE) Executive Director Karen Vardanyan, “Areni Fest” Fund Director Nune Manukyan, “SED systems” company co-founder Karen Sargsyan and “IDEA” Fund Tourism Programs Coordinator Armine Meliq-Israyelyan.  

The event was held by “Young Programmers” NGO and “Armenian Youth Fund” together with Public Journalism Club. The first Hackathon on Innovative Tourism was illustrated online by live broadcasting on Youtube Channel of Pubic Journalism Club.




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