Community Improvement Ideas of Schoolchildren were Implemented in Davtashen and Ajapnyak districts

Community development ideas proposed by the students of Davtashen and Ajapnyak districts were fulfilled within the framework of "Youth taking action and making news" Project implemented by Public Journalism Club and funded by the US Embassy in Armenia.  

According to the organizers, the goal of the project was to develop traits in the students in order they not only see problems but also highlight them and find solutions in their home communities.

The students uploaded more than 60 ideas-proposals on website within the project participating in the essay competition directed towards the development of community life.  

There were winners from Davtashen and Ajapnyak Districts, one from each, in the nomination of “The best idea to improve community life”.  No. 108 secondary school student Liana Grigoryan's essay titled "Take Good Care of adults about" and No. 93 secondary school student Armine Sargsyan’s essay titled "Improving our childhood)))" were considered the best by jury and were fulfilled in Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts respectively.

Project Manager of Public Journalism Club Ester Hakobyan emphasized the importance of project implementation in Davtashen, Davtashen Village and Ajapnyak, Silikyan District, former 3rd village. “They are like small communities within the communities and from this perspective they are compact and the usefulness of the fulfillment in these places is high. The selection of the winning ideas was conducted taking into account not only usefulness for the beneficiaries but feasibility of the implementation of the idea, good summary,” she added.  

Essay competition winner Armine Sargsyan presented her idea. “I live in the district of Davtashen and though the school territory is green, we do not have an area which can serve as a playground and children can spend their time there, walk with their parents. That is why I decided to write about it and I am very glad that my idea was the winner and at this moment the garden-playground is being built in the territory of our school.”  

Arus Abgaryan, employee of Education, Culture and Sport Department of Davtashen District, highlighted the importance of the project for the district and said. "Students can no longer be indifferent to the challenges around they face and, undoubtedly, the most important is that they see the implementation of their proposed ideas, this aspect was of great importance."

Liana Grigoryan from Ajapnyak District spoke about her winner idea during the press conference. “On my way home from the master class I remembered the skills of the master class, how to notice even small problems that exist in the community and how to solve them. And I thought that there are no benches in the school yard, and grandparents, parents are waiting for their children standing. As soon as I came home, I wrote an essay "Take Good Care of adults" and I am very happy that my idea was a winner.”

Mariam Zakaryan, organizer of educational activities of students at No. 108 high school, emphasized the importance of improving participation in community life as well as their experience to propose solutions to the problems, "Students-school-community relationship was strengthened once again," he added.  

The opening ceremonies of fulfilled ideas will be held in Ajapnyak administrative district on 31 May, at 13: 00 pm and in Davtashen administrative district on June 1, at 12: 00 pm.

Referring to the continuity of the program, Ester Hakobyan mentioned that they would apply to different grant programs, including the Democracy Commission grant because the experience has shown that there is need for such a project. Students’ interest to be involved in such work is great. 

The purpose of the "Youth taking action and making news" project implemented by Public Journalism Club was to involve the students (Davtashen and Ajapnyak) in proposing and implementing ideas, form their responsibility, creativeness, abilities to identify problems, propose and present solutions for the improvement of socio-economic and cultural environment of the community.

Arpine ArzumanyanProgram Website Editor at “Media Center”

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