In Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts the official opening ceremonies of community improvement projects proposed by students was held: “Youth Taking Action and Making News” Project was Finalized

No. 108 school student Liana Grigoryan’s desire to install benches in the school yard in Ajapnyak district, as well as No. 93 school student Armine Sargsyan's desire to have playground in Davtashen, are already reality.

The implementation of the ideas proposed by the students was the component of Youth Taking Action and Making News” Project, carried out by the Public Journalism Club, with the financial support of the US Embassy in Armenia.

On May 31 and June 1, in Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts the official opening ceremonies of programs aimed at community development, proposed, and implemented by local students was held.

On May 31, in the yard of N 108 school after launching the opening ceremony of the installation of the benches, author of the winning idea Liana Grigoryan together with her friends cut the red ribbons 8 benches placed in the school yard.

 “Our school yard had no benches, I noted that grandparents, parents are waiting for their kids standing and wrote an essay entitled "Take Good Care of adults" and I am very glad that my idea won," Liana Grigoryan mentioned in her speech.

The opening ceremony was attended by Liana Sahakyan, Head of Grants of the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy, who welcomed the project.

Welcoming remarks were made by Galust Kharbutyan, Head of Education, Culture, Sports Department of Ajapnyak administrative district, N 108 school director Andranik Avetisyan and Projects Manager of the Public Journalism Club Ester Hakobyan.

The organizers emphasized not only the installation of the benches in the school yard, but in particular, the fact of raising the issue by the students and coming up with a proposal to solve.

On June 1, No. 93 school of Davtashen the opening ceremony of playground construction was held, implemented due to winning author Armine Sargsyan's proposal

Announcing the official start of the event, she touched upon the importance of creating the park. "We did not have an area that would serve as a playground and the kids would spend their time there, walk with their parents. That's why I decided to write about it, raise the problem of my community, and I am very happy that my idea was the winner and a park-playground was built at our school yard."

N 93 School Director Armen Torosyan congratulated the International day of protection of children, highlighted the construction of a park in the school yard and the participation of all institutions and persons involved.

The event was attended by the head of Davtashen administrative district Ruslan Baghdasaryan, hHead of the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy's Jacqueline Dilin, Seda Muradyan, Director of the Public Journalism Club, as well as representatives from the school district, parents, children.

 “I am sure that Armine and other students will continue their contribution to the future of Armenia through the skills acquired in the framework of the Public Journalism Club, providing a bright and prosperous future," US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Jacqueline Dilin said in her opening remarks.

Head of Davtashen administrative district Ruslan Baghdasaryan, highlighting the implementation of the project, welcomed the students’ ideas and suggestions. "Remember, there always be someone who will support you in implementing your idea," the head of the district said.

“The protection of children does not begin and end on June 1 for us. That is why we initiated this project with the team of our organization, which promoted initiative skills, creativity and abilities of free expression of community issues among schoolchildren. Freely expressing, caring and initiative child will be ready to care for and protect his own and others’ rights. And the desires to create a comfortable waiting place for adults and playground are the proofs. I believe that this beautiful environment will also be open to the entire community," Director of Public Journalism Club Seda Muradyan said. 

She also added that the organization hopes to continue this program in other communities too.

The students of N93 school welcomed the guests with flashmob dance and led to the playground, where the author of winning idea Armine cut the red ribbons of the playground. 

“We are happy to change and develop our community,” students said at the end of the event.

The Public Journalism Club gifted the children cognitive books donated by the US Embassy.

In Davtashen administrative district six types of playing devices were installed - tower, swings, slide, tunnel, gamepad, as well as touses, white flower bushes and a bin.

In AJapnyak administrative district in N 108 school yard 8 pieces of two types of desks were placed for adults, two bins, as well as flowers can be found there.

Eight-month-long “Youth Taking Action and Making News” Project was concluded by the Implementation of ideas proposed by students.

Youth Taking Action and Making News Project aims to motivate young school students from two selected administrative districts of Yerevan (Ajapnyak and Davtashen) to come up with ideas to improve the social, economic and cultural environment in their communities, and eventually implement these improvements. The Project also works to enhance the young students’ sense of civic responsibility towards the community, develop skills to voice community issues and suggest solutions. 

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