Film Screening-Discussion of Documentary “The Other Side of Home”

The film screening of Documentary “The Other Side of Home” by Armenian Director Nare Mkrtchyan took place at the Public Journalism Club on July 18, which was followed by the film discussion with the Director Nare Mkrtchyan.

The film discussion was available live on the Youtube Channel of the Public Journalism Club. Watch the full video here.

The film hero is a Turkish woman who after many years explores that she has Armenian roots.

This film referring to the consequences of the Genocide is based on the identity, self-determination, contrasting experiences and exploring of Maya, a woman who suffers on the one hand and denies the Genocide on the other hand.

The world premiere of "The other side of home" documentary took place at MGN Five Star Cinema in Glendale in April 2016, marking the 101th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The film was created by Oscar-winning producer.

Watch the interview with the film director Nare Mkrtchyan about the film here.

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