A unique opportunity for talented startups representing the ICT sector of Armenia


For the first time, a delegation of 10 best startup representatives and prominent ICT leaders from Armenia will have the exceptional opportunity to take part in the Startup Istanbul Regional Forum to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 6-10, 2016, within the framework of the programme “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process: Stage 2”, funded by the European Union.

Selected by Public Journalism Club and TEPAV Foundation, the representatives of Armenia-based startups, together with more than 500 startups, 500 investors, 4000 attendees and 50 speakers from other countries, will get the chance to take part in all the stages of the Forum, including:

-  2-day Mentorship Program

- Interview to take part in the Startup Challenge

- If selected, participation in the Startup Challenge

- Booths showcasing own startup companies and Armenia ICT ecosystem

- Participation in the Final Conference


What is Startup Istanbul?

Startup Istanbul is the leading startup event which brings together founders, investors and executives in the region. It’s a gathering of the angel investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and leading startups, where startups from different countries of the region get the chance to showcase their innovative business ideas, get advice from international experts and network with investors.


Why to participate?

  • Participation in a two-day mentorship program with the involvement of the best mentors from the US and Europe
  • Opportunity to showcase own startup companies and Armenia ICT ecosystem
  • Interview to take part in the Startup Challenge
  • If selected, participation in the Startup Challenge
  • If selected by investors, opportunity to pitch their ideas during the Startup Istanbul Conference
  • Building a powerful professional network with business angels, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from Middle East, West Asia, East Europe and the US

Before leaving for Istanbul, Public Journalism Club will organize an orientation session for the selected startups, in frames of which prominent ICT experts will help the participants get ready for the event and acquire networking and pitching skills.​


Which startups can apply?

  • All the Armenia-based startups which have
  •  Demonstrated success in the implementation of at least one or more innovative idea/s
  • Produced a product/prototype
  • The startup operates in the ICT sector
  • The startup representative has a good command of English

Financial expenses

Travel and accommodation expenses of the selected participants will be borne by Public Journalism Club.

Selected participants should prepare visual materials to be exhibited in their booths and cover the printing costs.


How to apply?

Please fill in the Startup Istanbul Application Form by 21 August, 2016. In case of further questions, please contact Seda Muradyan (e-mail: sedamuradyan@pjc.am, mob.: +374 99 75 58 98).


About the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” Programme

A Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey continues to implement the second stage of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process funded by the European Union under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP). 

Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process aims to empower and engage civil societies of Turkey and Armenia to contribute to the enhanced regional peace and stability, democratic pluralism and social inclusion across and within their societies. This will be achieved through engaging new actors in economic, cultural, educational, and awareness-raising activities between Armenia and Turkey, and improving information flow, communication exchange and networking between media, expert communities and institutions.


About Public Journalism Club

The organization's mission is to promote freedom of expression, diversity and pluralism in Armenia developing participatory and public journalism by bridging public reporters and professional journalists, mass media and social media, IT and social sector specialists.

During the last 3 years PJC has succeeded to establish a positive reputation in the field by effectively implementing a few targeted innovative, trailblazing projects collectively reflected at mynews.am public reporting platform and Hackathon{YAN} contest of innovative ideas.
Media Center is another of PJC’s stellar projects that serves the mission of developing competent debate culture in Armenia as well as establishing and expanding collaborative communication between civil, social, state and international sectors.

Combining high professionalism with creativity, self-development and flexibility, the PJC team is building the organization around democratic values and principles. 


About TEPAV Foundation

TEPAV was founded in December 2004 with the mission to conduct research that improves the knowledge content of discussions in Turkey.
Aiming to contribute to public policy design with its studies, TEPAV's research focuses on concrete policy matters and presents the results in the form of concrete and feasible policy recommendations.

Apart from developing policy recommendations, TEPAV devises projects in certain fields and contributes to the materialization of these projects. TEPAV conducts studies to monitor and evaluate the public policies in effect and organizes training programs and meetings to supplement these studies. 

TEPAV sticks to its objective and non-partisan stance in its studies without compromising the academic ethics and quality.


Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process is funded by the European Union




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