Entrepreneurship provides growth and wealth

He specially highlights the importance of entrepreneurship: “Because it provides wealth and growth.”   

The “StartupIstanbul” Regional Forum was held in Istanbul on October 6-10, 2016 which united more than 500 startups from Europe, USA, Turkey and other states.  The event is an exclusive gathering of the leading startups, internet companies, angel investors and venture capitalists where startups from different countries have an opportunity to present their innovative business ideas, get advice from international experts and maintain business relations with investors.

Armenian 10 Startups also had the opportunity to participate in this regional ICT event. In the framework of StartupIstanbul, the Armenian Skycryptor passed all the stages and was in the finals. The information about the achievements of the Armenian startups is here.  

The conference held on October 10 within StartupIstanbul was special in a sense that in the Istanbul Volkswagen Arena hall with 4,000-seat the participants had a chance to join the great performances of guest speakers from around the world arrived in Istanbul who shared their experience, knowledge, expertise and consultation. 

Seda Muradyan, Head of the Public Journalism Club, said that through negotiations with the organizers of StartupIstanbul, the Armenian startups had the opportunity to fully participate in an exhibition, contest and mentor trainings and conference.

If you also want to start a business or is already in, the advice of the speakers who spoke at the outstanding conference, will also be useful to you.

The selected speakers highlighted significantly the value creation.

Adora Cheung, Y Combinator partner, recommends the startups to stop thinking about the money. “Concentrate on creating real values. It is the precondition of your success,” she says.  

Mikayel Anderson, the founder of “'The Executive JOY Institute”, mentions one reason why to become an entrepreneur – to create a value and change the world.   

Marcos Eguillor, IE Business School representative, also emphasizes the value creation and dissemination for business model description.  

Jeremia Gardner, Author of The Lean Brand, recommends the startups to look at the world with a different sight to create big values, initiate activities, suppose that you are wrong, think globally, start from little and accept the unknown – the value of disclosure. 

The creation of value and capital can only come out of the comfort zone. Elmira Bairasli, Author of ՛՛From The Other Side of The World՛՛, urges the startups not to anticipate making innovations by living in a comfort. “Innovation is born in discomfort. Stop bringing justifications and take the responsibility.”

Adora Cheung advises not to hesitate and start if there is an idea. “If you don’t have an idea, you should work with rapidly growing startup and learn what the entrepreneurs should do and shouldn’t.” 

The speakers specially emphasized the role of the customers in business.

“Who are they? How can we solve their problems?” Marcos Eguillor urges to expose the customers. 

“Whatever decision we make, we choose the satisfaction of a customer as a priority,” Hanzade Dogan Boyner, Executive Director of Doğan Online, said and makes a very important advice: “Start with a client not the production.”

To have a successful startup, the speakers advise not to stop, not to seek a better time for business and to create a brand. Create your own startup development strategy, act jointly. 

“If you continue working hard, you will succeed,” Adora Cheung said.  

The participation of the Armenian Startups  became possible due to the coordination of Public Journalist Club and TEPAV Foundation within the framework of the Exchange of Entrepreneurs component under the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” (ATNP) Program with the funding of the European Union.  


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