We Condemn the Gross Violation of Confidentiality of Daniel Ioannisyan's Personal and Family Life

The research conducted by the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO during the pre-election campaign of RA Parliamentary Elections on April 2, 2017, on the organized and extensive abuse of administrative resources for the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) actually questions the participation of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Two days after the publication of the NGO research, one of the most popular websites published information about Daniel Ioannisyan's family and his personal life who is a representative of that NGO. That information is possessed only by the Police and the Investigative Committee, which, could not have been provided to a third person except Daniel Ioannisyan.

The published information about Daniel Ioannisyan's personality and his family was compiled exclusively by the RA Police, and decisions were made based on that which was not a subject to be published and should have been protected by the Law on Personal Data Protection. The dissemination of information on the life of a family is also a violation of Article 144 of the Criminal Code and Articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Thus, publishing Daniel Ioannisyan’s personal information protected by law, first of all, is a harsh interference with his personal life and aims to pressure personally on Daniel Ioannisian, as his findings have been published by the “Union of Informed Citizens”. This is also a direct pressure on the NGO's activities.

The disclosure of large-scale and organized abuse of administrative resources by a single non-governmental organization records not only the inactivity of one of the main institutions of the democratic state, the law-enforcement bodies in revealing the violations against the electoral system but also the direct involvement of the law enforcement authorities in prosecution of a citizen who discloses a state crime.

Such a practice is specific to the instrument of the police state, is incompatible with the principles of a democratic and legal state, aims to silence a citizen and discredit civil activity and does not conform to the highest level of assurance of free and fair elections.

We, the undersigned organizations:

  • Strongly condemn the gross violation of Daniel Ioannisyan's rights and vivid pressure on the activities of the "Union of Informed Citizens" NGO;
  • We demand immediate termination of political persecutions against them;
  • We demand the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia and the RA Special Investigation Service to institute criminal proceedings, disclose and bring to justice the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies, who illegally provide the personal data of the NGO representative to third parties. 

The Statement is open to join:

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Armavir Civic Youth Center

Artashat Civic Youth Center

Arevamanuk Foundation

Open Society Foundations-Armenia

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Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation

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Yerevan Press Club

Ecological Right NGO

“Ecolur” Informational NGO

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Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center

Jouranlists’ “Asparez” Club

Ijevan Civic Youth Center

“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO

“Rights Information Center” NGO

“Logos Human Rights” NGO

“Journalists for the Future” NGO

Lukashin Agricultural Association

“Peace Dialogue” NGO

Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

“Khoran Ard: Intellectual NGO

Women’s Support Center

Women’s Resource Center

Cooperation for Democracy Center

Helsinki Committee of Armenia

Public Journalism Club

Public Information and Need for Knowledge NGO

“For Equal Rights” NGO

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office

Caucasus Research Resource Center - Armenia Fund

Hrazdan Civic Youth Center

International Center for Human Development

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New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Vanadzor Civic Youth Center

50/50 Civil Initiative NGO


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