“#electricyerevan. A Day of Violated Rights” Documentary was Nominated in “One Shot” International Short Film Festival

“#electricyerevan. A Day of Violated Rights” Documentary created by the Public Journalism Club was nominated in “One Shot” International Short Film Festival in the category of "CINEMA WITHOUT BORDER".

The festival will be held on June 2-8, 2017 in the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art.

In “#electricyerevan. A Day of Violated Rights” Documentary, the demonstrators struggling against the increase in electricity rates as well as human rights defenders, well-known representatives of the civil society make comments and analyses on the dispersal by police on June 23, 2015 to liberate the Baghramyan Avenue and the developments of that day.

“․․․Another policeman came up to us and hit to my neck….”, “….a man with a shirt that “policeman” was written on it beat me on my belly…”, “….while taking me they were beating me”, the protestors shared their eyewitness accounts during the interviews.   

246 people were detained by the police on Baghramyan Avenue in the early morning on June 23. 13 journalists were detained while they were covering the protests. 24 journalists are reported to have been injured or detained.

“From a rights perspective, or given the clash on June 23 is viewed as a step back in the legal system it is generally a concern but to state that we should observe the Police’s similar actions following the June 23 incident. Yet, in the next days we saw a positive shift in their actions,” Armen Grigoryan, Former Deputy Human Rights Defender, said (2014 – 2016).  

Avetik Ishkhanyan, Chairman of Helsinki Committee of Armenia, believes that June 23 events cast shadow on Armenia's police forces on structures. According to the human rights defender, the protests had a positive effect on Armenia’s big picture in the world since our country instantly grabbed the world’s attention. 

“And the international media showed respect to Armenians when covering the events. It is all because countries and nations usually respect the peoples which still have the heart and nerve and sinew to fight,” the human rights defender said.

“What the police did…..it is done in all the countries a bit milder or ruder but how the young resisted, this is what really gives you a chance to be proud, to be glad because this is young people’s country, this is definitely,” Ruben Babayan, Director of Puppet Theatre after Hovhannes Tumanyan, said.  

The author of the film is Seda Muradyan, Head and Co-founder of the Public Journalism Club. Arevik Sahakyan, Arthur Parsyan, Levon Grigoryan, Lilit Arakelyan, Susanna Ohanjanyan, Sergey Khudoyan and others took part in the film.

The first screening of the documentary took place in the exhibition hall of the Journalists’ Union in November, 2015, in line with the opening of #ElectricYerevan 2015 photo exhibition of PHOTOLURE News Agency.
The language of the film is Armenian with the Russian and English subtitles.

The film and the exhibition are made possible through the support of Open Society Foundations-Armenia. 

About “One Shot” International Short Film Festival

"ONE SHOT" International Short Film Festival is an open cinema platform. It was founded in 2003. Founder president is Gagik Ghazareh. Symbol of the festival represents three dimensional statue of ancient rock carving from Geghama Mountain which is 5000 years old. Competition has three categories: "ONE MINUTE - ONE SHOT", "SHORT FILMS" and "CINEMA WITHOUT BORDER". There are special programs and panel discussions too. "ONE SHOT" promotes independent film production in Armenia. Submitted films have no limitations in shooting format. Films can be shot on cell phones, film and HD cameras.


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