Head of “Media Center” was Urged not to Screen “Listen to me” Documentary

Seda Muradyan, Head of the Public Journalism Club NGO and Media Center Project, told aravot.am that they had proposed to screen all the films at the Media Center that were censored within the framework of the 14th Golden Apricot International Film Festival this year. Since the proposed area is not a cinema hall and does not comply with the film screening standards, only the authors of the “Listen to me” film accepted the invitation and presented the film for open screening and discussion.

“When the event was shared on the networks, a number of people started making calls that they are against and expressed their complaints about it. For several days, different phone calls were received, though there was no threat but they urged not to screen the film. We have heard everyone's opinions but our decision was in force, it was not changed,” Seda Muradyan said.

According to Seda Muradyan, about 60 people participated in the film screening. There were no incidents, no threats. “Only during the registration of the participants, one of the participants noticed that a young person is not only registered but also wants to capture the names of the other registered people and other contact details on the phone, which is sensitive information that we never provide to a third party.”

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