Statement on the Physical and Psychological Violence against Marina Khachatryan, Member of “Yerkir Tsirani” Faction in the Council of Elders of Yerevan.

The undersigned organizations strictly condemn the physical and psychological violence imposed by the members of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) faction against Marina Khachatryan, member of “Yerkir Tsirani” Faction during the session of the Council of Elders of Yerevan on February 13, 2018.

The public demonstration of force once again proves and emphasizes the impunity of the ruling authorities, the tendency of promoting the culture of the solving issues with violence. Such conduct, which is manifested by an official on the professional platform, neutralizes the government's imitative efforts to alleviate democratic reforms in the country.

The actions of the members of the RPA faction once again show women's role and the vicious practice of imposing violence against them.

In this regard, it is crucial to take adequate response and urgent steps, so we urge:

  • Opposition political forces in order to immediately raise the issue of resignation of RPA members and head of community on the political agenda,
  • International organizations, in order to eliminate the issue of impunity for violence, become the main condition for possible cooperation with the authorities,
  • the public to create a public demand for the formation of accountability in case of violence,
  • law enforcement bodies to be guided not by the party-government order but by the powers vested in them by the Constitution and bring to responsibility the violators and their supporters
  • The Human Rights Defender to apply to the General Prosecutor's Office, the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia, to initiate proceedings and apply the liability.

At the same time, the undersigned organizations express their willingness to support Marina Khachatryan's interests.

As a recall, members of Yerkir Tsirani brought a bottle full of sewage water from Nubarashen into the council hall and tried to bring it to the Mayor Taron Margaryan. The activities of the members of Yerkir Tsirani have been aimed at raising the issue of fetidness in Nubarashen community and make it visible and tangible. The video is available here:

1.      “ Journalists for Human Rights” NGO

2.       “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO

3.      "For Equal Rights" NGO

4.       "Pink Armenia" NGO

5.      "Union of Informed Citizens" NGO

6.      "Against Legal Violence" NGO

7.      Peace Dialogue NGO

8.      "Asparez" Journalists’ Club

9.      "LogoS" Human Rights NGO

10.   "Veles" Human Rights NGO

11.  “Public Journalism Club” NGO  

12.  “Meghri Women's Resource Center” NGO

13.  "Rights Protection Without Borders" NGO

14.   "Public Awareness and Monitoring Center" NGO

15.  "Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office" NGO

16.  16. Yerevan Press Club:

17.   "Community Financeers Union" NGO

18.   Transparency International Anticorruption Center NGO

19.  Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Armenian Committee

20.  “ Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression” NGO

21.  "Astghatsolq" NGO

22.  "Women's Resource Center" NGO

23.  "Association of Audio-Visual Journalists" NGO

24.  "Armenian Young Women's Association" NGO

25.  "Martuni Women's Community Council" NGO

26.  Women's Support Center NGO

27.  Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation NGO

28.   "Sose Women's Foundations" NGO

29.  “Agate” NGO for the Protection of Women with Disabilities

30.  “Real World, Real People” NGO

31.   "Spiritual Armenia" NGO

32.  Association of Women with University Education NGO

33.   "Law Enforcement" NGO

34.   "Socioscope" NGO

35.   “Media Initiatives Center” NGO


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