“Future Armenian Prime Minister’s Powers: Good Governance or Authoritarianism?"

Due to introduction of the new governance system as set forth by the Constitutional Amendments, the Prime Minister, in their capacity of the head of state, gains quite a wide range of powers.

The Public Journalism Club launched a survey among Facebook users to find out the public moods on this topic among the Armenian domain on Facebook.

Survey title:

“Future Armenian Prime Minister’s Powers: Good Governance or Authoritarianism?"

The users are asked the question below and are offered the 3 possible answers below:

Do you consider the initiatives to give broader powers to the future Armenian Prime Minister (government sessions will be closed; the National Security Service and the Police will report to the Prime Minister; the right to grant amnesty is transferred from the President to the Prime Minister) mostly as:

•        promotion of good governance;

•        promotion of authoritarian rule; or

•        an attempt to build a totalitarian state

The survey is available on the Facebook page and website of the Public Journalism Club’s Media Center project.

Within the ‘Public Surveys in the Online Domain’ Project, a series of surveys on key social and public issues and events will be conducted among the users of the Armenian domain of Facebook social network. The survey findings will be used to develop analytical content.  

The initiative aims to present the views and approaches of the Armenian users of Facebook social network covered within the survey to particular issues and events.

The ‘Public Surveys in the Online Domain’ Project is carried out with the support of the Public Journalism Club and the Open Society Foundations - Armenia.

We hope you will find this initiative interesting and take part in our surveys.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Derenik Malkhasyan, author and coordinator of the initiative.

Tel.: 055 561292, 077 561292

E-mail: derenikmalkhasian@gmail.com

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