Communication Coordinator: Public Journalism Club


Job Description  


Job title:                               Communication Coordinator

Reports to:                           PJC Director, Programmes’ Leader

Job location:                        Yerevan, Armenia

Contract duration:              Long term

Deadline:                               January 15, 2019.


Job purpose 

The post-holder should develop and implement a robust, integrated and strategic communications plan and design joint communication messages that provide external stakeholders with objective and balanced information on the Public Journalism Club’s programmes. Communication Coordinator will be in charge of the creation and ongoing management of an organization-wide communications calendar. The purpose of the job is to serve as an external communication focal point for wide activities of the organisation and its programme partners, to achieve the highest standards for external communications. The 80% of the job engagement will be dedicated to the “A Public Glimpse into the Closed World: Human Rights Issues in Closed Institutions of Armenia” project funded by the European Union and Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

Duties and responsibilities   

  • To elaborate, in coordination with PJC and the other partners of the organisation, and in compliance with the donor requirements, the external communication strategy, particularly on the package of external communication templates appropriate for the major activities requiring external communication. 
  • To coordinate the external communication on a case-by-case basis with PJC and the other partners of the organisation and comply with the donor regarding ongoing programme’s ad-hoc activities.  
  • To be responsible for increasing exposure for outreach of the activities of the PJC and its immediate partners within joint projects, as widely as possible; in coordination with PJC other team members.  
  • He/she will co-manage the PJC web site and the Facebook page, as well as maintain and increase the organisation's presence on social platforms and relevant on-line forums and networks.
  • To facilitate internal communication; to work with a team and synthesize its ideas into relevant communication pieces, to coordinate the evaluation of potential external partnership opportunities.
  • To help the PJC and its programme partners determine the languages and the formatof external communication in each particular case, as well as to oversee the delivery of communication materials, such as TV programmes, press releases, public versions of narrative reports, publications, and research papers to appropriate external readership. 
  • To be engaged, as assigned, in the arrangement of the events in case of necessity, as well as where appropriate and possible to attend particular events organized by PJC and its partners.
  • To ensure translation of relevant documents from Armenian into English, and vice versa
  • To represent the PJC, as assigned by the PJC director, Programmes Leader, at external events, and introduce its activities.
  • To be a primary focal point for the communication with EU and other donors
  • To participate in fundraising activities of the organisation.
  • As needed, perform additional tasks to support the effective implementation of the program.

Person specification   

  • Graduate degree, preferably in media, social sciences or related field.
  • At least three years of field experience working on civil society area.
  • Deep knowledge of human rights, political, social and cultural context of Armenia is a plus.
  • Excellent facilitation and interpersonal skills.
  • Fluency in Armenian and English with a track record of written translation from Armenian into English and vice versa; knowledge of Russian is a plus.
  • Excellent writing skills in English and Armenian– with a track record in publications.
  • Excellent at grasping complex ideas and communicating effectively.
  • Good knowledge of on-line social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Experience managing high level relationships, including with donors, international organisations and authorities.
  • Ability to work effectively with multiple individuals and manage several projects at once.
  • Knowledge of high tech communication opportunities is highly desirable. 

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Qualified and interested candidates are requested to submit a CV/ Resume and a cover letter in English to [email protected]  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  


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