Fact Checking: Online Tools and Techniques
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Press release

Fact Checking: Online Tools and Techniques

A training on Online Tools and Techniques was carried out by joint collaboration of Public Journalism Club (PJC) and Media Initiatives Center (MIC), Yerevan based NGOs, from February 5-7 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The training was conducted by a well known investigative journalist and media trainer co-founder of “Conflict Intelligence Team” CIT investigative group Ruslan Leviev.  The program of the training was developed jointly with “Bellingcat”.

During the training, examples of CIT`s investigations were presented, as well as methods of verifying information on social networks. Participants gained skills in accessing open data bases, finding information on geographical location, vehicles, people, organizations. Participants were acquainted with the new tools through practical excerices and case studies.

Journalists representing Hetq, Kavkazsky Uzel (Кавказский Узел), Civilnet, Global Media, Union of Informed Citizens, other media representatives and independent journalists from Armenia took part in the training.

The event  was organized within the frameworks of Public Journalism Club NGO’s “Establishing Fact Checking Network and Media Initiatives Center’s “Media for Informed Civic Engagement” projects.

“Establishing Fact Checking Network” project is funded by the US German Marshal Fund’s Black Sea Trust as well as by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development within the frameworks of “Media for Informed Civic Engagement” project.  

The project is aimed at promoting the fact checking culture in the Armenian media for accurate, impartial and balanced presentation of journalistic material as well as  boosting fact checking skills of media representatives thus minimizing the risk of disinformation and public misinterpretation and raising public awareness.   

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