In Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts the official opening ceremonies of community improvement projects proposed by students was held: “Youth Taking Action and Making News” Project was Finalized
13 Jun, 2016 18:04
No. 108 school student Liana Grigoryan’s desire to install benches in the school yard in Ajapnyak district, as well as No. 93 school student Armine Sargsyan's desire to have playground in Davtashen, are already reality.
Problems in the Eyes of the Students. Report Prepared by Ar TV
06 Jun, 2016 11:45
Students put the obvious problems for them on the paper, and unwillingly gave solutions to a number of issues.
Community Improvement Ideas of Schoolchildren were Implemented in Davtashen and Ajapnyak districts
06 Jun, 2016 11:35
Community development ideas proposed by the students of Davtashen and Ajapnyak districts were fulfilled within the framework of "Youth taking action and making news" Project implemented by Public Journalism Club and funded by the US Embassy in Armenia.
Inauguration of the Improved School Yard in Ajapnyak School # 108: The U.S. Embassy in Armenia has Supported the Implementation of this Community Development Project
30 May, 2016 17:41
The inauguration of the improved school yard will be held in the premises of the Secondary School # 108 of Yerevan’s Ajapnyak administrative district on 31 May, at 13:00 PM.
Ajapnyak and Davtashen Communities Students will Obtain Project Implementation Skills to Fulfill Their Ideas
06 May, 2016 16:24
On May 7-8, Public Journalism Club will host a workshop entitled "From Community Idea to Project Implementation" within which Ajapnyak and Davtashen communities students will receive practical skills and general knowledge of developing and implementing community projects.
Practical Training: “Online live broadcasting and public awareness”
28 Apr, 2016 12:24
The Public Journalism Club (PJC) invites representatives of NGOs from the regions, civil active groups to participate in the practical training on “Online live broadcasting and public awareness”.
Community Development Projects Proposed by School Students will be Implemented in the Davtashen and Ajapnyak Administrative Districts
25 Apr, 2016 11:50
The best two ideas proposed as part of the essay competition organized under the “Youth Taking Action and Making News” Project are already known.