Business for the Sake of Social Welfare
28 Dec, 2017 11:42
Is it possible to focus business activities on public benefit? Yes, it is if you have a way of thinking typical to a social entrepreneur.
Armenian social entrepreneurs got acquainted with Turkey's social entrepreneurship centers
11 Dec, 2017 12:03
What is social entrepreneurship? How does it change people's lives? How does it work in a neighboring country?
Social entrepreneurs and innovators from Armenia are at Dreams Academy
11 Dec, 2017 11:42
"We try to show that social change is possible," Ercan Tutal, Founding President of Alternative life
20 Nov, 2017 12:39
Media Center Project of the Public Journalism Club participated in Career and Entrepreneurship fair held on November 17.
Armenian and Turkish Social Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators are Meeting in Istanbul
15 Nov, 2017 16:48
Armenia-based Public Journalism Club (PJC) and its Turkish partner the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), as well as Mikado Consulting is organizing a new project
Translator/editor: Job announcement
06 Nov, 2017 15:45
The Public Journalism Club announces a full time translator/editor position. The incumbent will handle the overall editing responsibilities at the Public Journalism Club including quality control of the content in Armenian, English and Russian, as well as the authenticity and relevancy of the disseminated information, language and aesthetics.
Communication Coordinator: Public Journalism Club
02 Nov, 2017 16:54
The post-holder should develop and implement a robust, integrated and strategic communications plan and design joint communication messages that provide external stakeholders with objective and balanced information on the Public Journalism Club’s programmes.