Hackathon [Yan] Childhood 2015 Winners Are Announced
14 Dec, 2015 14:47
Hackathon [Yan] Childhood 2015 contest of innovative ideas and programming results were summed up in Vanadzor yesterday.
Hackathon[Yan] childhood 2015 contest will unify creative youth from all around Armenia
10 Dec, 2015 18:26
The annual innovative and technological Hackathon [Yan] contest has an anniversary this year: the 5th Hackathon [Yan] will take place on December 12-13 in city of Vanadzor.
#electricyerevan will be presented at HuRiCamp 2015
08 Dec, 2015 18:15
#electricyerevan documentary produced by the Public Journalism Club will be screened at HuRiCamp 2015.
Barev Yerkir TV program Hosts the Organizers of Hackathon [YAN] Childhood 2015
04 Dec, 2015 15:06
On November 21, Yerkir Media’s Barev Yerkir TV program hosted the organizers of Hackathon [YAN] Childhood 2015.
"Hackathon [YAN] Childhood 2015" Contest has prepared Interesting and Valuable Prizes for the Participants.
03 Dec, 2015 13:50
The organizers and partners of "Hackathon [YAN] Childhood 2015" contest are planning exciting and valuable prizes, offering teams interesting ideas in terms of technological innovation.
Second Master Class: “Learning to Report as Public Journalists”
29 Nov, 2015 12:31
Looking forward to the next master class? The second master class will focus on citizen reporting. Suren Deheryan, President of Journalists for the Future NGO will help us understand how media evolved, the concept of public journalism, citizen reporting and raising community issues through citizen reporting.
Let’s Start Again TV Program Hosts the Organizers of Hackathon [YAN] Childhood 2015
20 Nov, 2015 16:21
On November 19, Let’s Start Again TV program, Kentron TV, hosted the organizers of Hackathon [YAN] childhood 2015.