EU Newsletter: Armenia-Turkey Investor Day
24 May, 2017 12:16
On 2 May, the first ever Armenia-Turkey Investor Day was conducted in Yerevan A New Joint Angel Fund Between Armenia and Turkey Builds Bridges Through Capital
23 May, 2017 16:16
This weekend in North America and Europe, the sporty population will have turned to baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby and similar sports to enjoy their leisure time.
Interview with Alana Tung, Manager of Group Strategy at Delivery Hero
16 May, 2017 16:59
delegation of investors from the USA, Germany, and Turkey arrived in Armenia on May 1-3, 2017
Summarizing the Armenia-Turkey Investor Day
16 May, 2017 16:33
A delegation of investors from Germany, US and Turkey arrived in Armenia on May 1-3, 2017 to take part in a landmark event – the Armenia-Turkey Investor Day, launched on May 2.
Exceptional opportunity for startups: join the meeting with investors from Germany, US and Turkey
27 Apr, 2017 17:49
The ICT startups are invited to participate in an open meeting with prominent venture capitalists, angel investors from Silicon Valley, Germany and Turkey, as well as representatives of Armenia's primary investing and business networks interested in ICT industry investments.
US-Germany-Turkey-Armenia: Investor Day in Yerevan
25 Apr, 2017 17:17
With the aim to create and enhance a sustainable angel investing ecosystem in Armenia, the Public Journalism Club and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)
We Condemn the Gross Violation of Confidentiality of Daniel Ioannisyan's Personal and Family Life
30 Mar, 2017 17:46
The research conducted by the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO during the pre-election campaign of RA Parliamentary Elections on April 2, 2017, on the organized and extensive abuse of administrative resources for the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) actually questions the participation of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia in the upcoming parliamentary elections.