Armenia Alert Channel Exclusive Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Armenia Alert Channel chatbot has been launched on Telegram Messenger.

The Armenia Alert Channel” chatbot was launched on Facebook a week ago and the first Armenian-language Chatbot service about COVID-19 became available.

Telegram Chatbot
Telegram Chatbot

How to quickly find statistics on Armenia?

Where to find Commandant’s decisions?

How to wear a mask?

What to do if you have a high fever?

Where to find all the hotline numbers?

These and many other questions will be answered by Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Armenia Alert Channel.

By clicking on each section, the chatbot offers subsections that makes it easier to search for information and guide the user to the corresponding websites or sources.

The language of Armenia Alert Channel Chatbot is Armenian. It offers checked and updated information, protecting users from fake news and misinformation. The Armenia Alert Channel Chatbot is based on information provided by the World Health Organization and Commandant’s Office of Armenia.

Users do not even need to write questions. All possible questions are already available, all you have to do is select them and the chatbot assistant will direct you to the appropriate section.

The chatbot was initiated by Public Journalism Club, in cooperation with VECTO.DIGITAL – representative of VIAFONE Technologies in Armenia within the project “COVID-19: Rapid Response”. It became possible with the support of the Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot (also known as talkbots, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program that communicates through texts or recorded messages. Such programs are mainly designed to more accurately model how a person would behave as an interlocutor.

”Armenia Alert Channel” ws developed as a connoisseur of the new coronavirus, which will share with you its knowledge, tips and much more objective information.

What is the Goal of the Chatbot?

The goal of the Armenia Alert Channel” service is to promote public awareness and provide the population with accessible and easy-to-use tool to receive information.

This service is unique in its kind and the level of the partnership.

How does it Work?

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence that can quickly respond to users’ questions, both button types questionnaires, and free questions. It helps to find official and reliable information.

The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Every day, the artificial intelligence of the chatbot develops, it becomes more flexible and able to respond to users’ free questions.

Our working group examines the questions addressed to the chatbot by Facebook users, and then develops the most topical and interesting questions, collecting accurate information about them.

Developed Sections

The Armenia Alert Channel Chatbot consists of several sections of the information type:

Statistics of Armenia”,

News”, “Announcements”,

Travel restrictions”,




Contact info”,


More options”.

By clicking on each section, the chatbot offers subsections that makes it easier to search for information and guide the user.

The Experience of such a Chatbot in Armenia and in the World

The World Health Organization was the first in the world to launch such service through the Facebook Messenger. In Armenia, it was the Public Journalism Club to initiate this service in Armenia, which provides exceptional objectivity and promptness of information, making the platform special and necessary for everyone. The service is already available on Facebook and Telegram and will soon be launched on Whatsapp.

This chatbot also gives an open opportunity to watch the PSAs and the webinars made by the Public Journalism Club during the state of emergency.

Social Media Platforms of ”Armenia Alert Channel”

Facebook – Facebook Page

Messenger – Chatbot Messenger

Telegram – Telegram Channel

In case of technical problems or questions related to the Armenia Alert Channel Chatbot, please contact us via [email protected].


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