Fact-Checking during Martial Law

The Public Journalism Club has created fact-checking posters during martial law for public awareness. Social network accounts, videos, photos, texts, many websites… how to check, make comparisons and obtain factual refutation or confirmation evidence. This series presents a complete fact-checking database that will allow anyone to avoid disinformation or misinformation. The materials in these posters are taken from the manual “Fact-checking and Journalists’ Right to Get Information” created by the Public Journalism Club and the Freedom of Information Center. The author of the facts section is Samvel Martirosyan, information security specialist and media expert.

Civil Defence: Air-Raid Siren

A war in Artsakh erupted on September 27, 2020 forced every single person to think about his or her protection and raised questions about civil defence.

What do we remember about the basics of civil defence? How to behave in emergencies?

To overcome the challenges that war created and to increase the public awareness of the population about civil defence and protection, the Public Journalism Club produced educational visual materials that were widely disseminated in social networks by both the media and individuals.

Visual materials present the main steps of civil defence: what to do in case of air-raid siren, what does the siren sound like? What does an emergency bag mean? What should your bag contain?

Civil Defence: Emergency Bag

We all know that in a state of war and, in general, at home, you need to have a bag on hand to take it quickly in an emergency. It is very important that we know in detail what the bag should contain, what to put in the medicine box in the bag, which first aid kits are most needed, where they should be stored and under what conditions.

The Public Journalism Club has prepared a visual handbook that can be used by anyone. It is preferable to disseminate it to as many people as possible to increase awareness. Who knows, maybe public awareness will save lives?

Fact Radar

The purpose of the “Creating a Fact-Checking Network” program is to promote the development of a fact-finding culture in the Armenian media to provide accurate, unbiased and balanced presentation of news, journalistic material, and to develop media fact-finding skills by reducing misinformation and publicity. The project is funded by Black See Trust, a program of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Journalistic Guide: Covering Human Rights in Closed Institutions

With the support of the European Union and Open Society Foundations-Armenia, the Public Journalism Club NGO has published a journalistic guide for covering human rights in closed institutions, which has been prepared within the framework of the project “A Public Glimpse into a Closed World: Human Rights Situation in Closed Institutions” jointly implemented by the “Public Journalism Club” NGO and Investigative Journalists NGO. The purpose of the guide is to help journalists prepare materials that will differ in their professionalism and become exemplary materials for maintaining journalistic ethics. Zaruhi Mejlumyan, a journalist specializing in investigative journalism, and Arthur Sakunts, a human rights activist and Chairman of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly’s Vanadzor office, worked on the guide.

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