Freedom on the Net: Armenia Ranks as a Free Country

Armenia ranks as a free country in Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net 2015 report.

The report which was published today collaborated with Public Journalism Club President Seda Muradyan and Internet security expert Samvel Martirosyan.

Among 88 countries Armenia ranks 28 holding the status of a Free Country. Georgia is among free countries (24) while Turkey and Azerbaijan are partly free (56 and 58 respectively). Iran is the 87th.

The report states that there has recently been an improved access to Internet services, with positive shifts in Internet infrastructure. Restriction is placed on publishing online content very rarely. Different civil groups and nongovernmental organizations use online communication tools to reach out to their followers and organize various initiatives. The researchers say no complaint has been filed over the Government’s restrictions directly limiting Internet access since January, 2014

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