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Hackathon [YAN]

Hackathon [Yan] is a unique fest of innovation and programming where teams of developers, and not only, develop and submit to the jury their idea and the prototype (demo version) of the proposed solution/project/app  within  only 24 hours.

Hackathon [Yan] Yerevan 2011 was our first Hackathon held on 17-18 December 2011 with the Public Journalism Club and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia. This was the first large-scale Hackathon in the Caucasus.

Hackathon [Yan] Yerevan 2011 was a contest-festival of innovative ideas and projects aimed at solving city problems of Yerevan through new technologies and to enhance people’s participation in projects (websites, mobile applications, etc.).

Hackathon [Yan] 2012 was organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Microsoft Armenia, mLab ECA Regional Mobile Applications Laboratory and Enterprise Incubator and Public Journalism Club.

The  event was part of “Innovation through Technology” project, which is a good example of cooperation between private and state institutions: Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Microsoft Armenia, USAID Armenia, RA Government, Enterprise Incubator Foundation and State Engineering University of Armenia.

Partners: US International Agency, Sourcio Company, Counterpart International Armenia, Mergelyan Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, GNC Alfa, Knight Mozilla Open News (

Hackathon [Yan] Flight 2013 innovative and programming contest was organized jointly by the Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Public Journalism Club, Zvartnots International Airport, in partnership with Microsoft Company and Counterpart International.

Hackathon [Yan] 2013 was made possible with the assistance of Counterpart International Armenia ( Knight Mozilla Open News  also ( supported the program.

Hackathon [Yan] Gyumri 2014 – annual contest of innovative ideas and programming – was organized in cooperation with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Public Journalism Club, the Gyumri Information Technologies Center, and USAID Armenia.

The contest traveled to Gyumri to encourage the active young people and developers in Armenia’s second largest city and other cities to join the event and bring their ideas to life.

Hackathon [Yan] Gyumri 2014 was held within the Innoweekend regional extensive event and enabled the teams to get acquainted with other teams in the region and participate in parallel seminars, presentations, etc.

Parallel to Hackathon [Yan] Gyumri 2014 and ICT entrepreneurs training within the Innoweekend the first Armenia-Turkey Startup Weekend was held to team up young entrepreneurs from two neighboring countries that do not have diplomatic relations around startup ideas to jointly implement them.

Hackathon [Yan] Flight 2013 innovative and programming contest was organized together with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Public Journalism Club, Zvartnots International Airport, in partnership with Microsoft Company and Counterpart International.

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Other Projects

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    Power up Youth Armenia Public Journalism Club has launched a new project entitled “Power up Youth Armenia” project, with the support of Open Society Foundations-Armenia. The project is implemented during the period of February-December, 2021. The project goals are to assist youth in the regions of Armenia to fight against disinformation and fake news, to

    January 26, 2021
  • Rapid Response Fund Initiative

    The Public Journalism Club has launched the “Rapid Response Fund Initiative” program, which will cover the period of December 31, 2020-May 31, 2021. The project is funded by the EED (European Endowment for Democracy). The program primarily targets journalists, cameramen, photo-journalists, documentarians, video editors, managers of media outlets covering the second Artsakh War and its

    December 30, 2020
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