PSAs and Posters under the Project “Rapid Response to COVID-19”

In the context of the state of emergency evolved by the new coronavirus pandemic, the Public Journalism Club initiated the “Rapid Response to COVID-19” project with the support of Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

The project aims to promote public awareness in the new situation, targeting public health, social responsibility, human rights, civic responsibility, state-community cooperation, and more.

PJC has developed several ways to raise public awareness. Within the project of “Rapid Response to COVID-19”, various types of media products have been created: webinars, discussions, posters, social media challenges, public service announcements (PSA).

13 PSAs have been created. Many actors, singers, human rights activists, doctors, children, students took part in the process of creating the videos, increasing the social role and impact of those PSAs with their contribution. PJC also paid special attention to maintaining the principle of inclusion and provided a translation into sign language in PSAs.

Awareness posters manifest the advice to the public to refrain from coronavirus, such as “Stay home”, “Don’t kiss”, “Let’s take care of each other”

The list of PSAs and posters is below: 

  1. #Stayhome: From Red Light to Green… Let’s Overcome Coronavirus Together
  2. #Stayhome as everyone is at home
  3. The leaders have no disagreement on this issue: #Stayhome
  4. ” Jealous Corona”- #EndCoV Project
  5. “Jealous Corona”- #EndCoV Project in sign language
  6. “Jealous Corona”- #EndCoV Project in sign language 1 minute
  7. “#Stayhome: From Red Light to Green… Let’s Overcome Coronavirus Together” in sign language
  8. About coronavirus and preventive steps in sign language
  9. Today we are all making a lot of sacrifices: stay home and be healthy
  10. “#Stayhome in dialects” posters album
  11. “#Stayhome in dialects”
  12. “Don’t kiss” in dialects” posters album
  13. “Don’t kiss” in dialects”
  14. #Stayhome in dialects
  15. “Let’s take care of each other”
  16. Responsible citizen․ The opinion of human rights activists about being a citizen
  17. “WHO – coronavirus pandemic” (Armenian subtitles are made with the initiative of PJC)
  18. “What is a microdroplet?” (Armenian subtitles are made with the initiative of PJC)

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