Simple question on vetting

Hasmik Harutyunyan, an expert on legal issues of the “Protection of Rights Without Borders” NGO, answers #simplequestions about vetting, its necessity and obstacles in “Simple Questions”.


In the video the expert talks about the importance of vetting, the bodies responsible for the development and the implementation of vetting process, pre-vetting works and the corruption risks which may arise in case of not implementing vetting in Armenia.

In this series of videos, we gave experts simple and naive questions and received brief, competent and SIMPLE answers.

“Simple questions” is a format, which was designed to talk about complex issues in a simple way.  The videos were  developed and adapted to the format and content requirements of social networks, particularly Instagram and Tik-Tok platforms. This series is an attempt to show that even the most complicated phenomena can be talked about in an accessible language, not forgetting the target audience that uses the mentioned social networks.

The video series “Simple questions” was created within the framework of the “Media Center” program of the Public Journalism Club, which is implemented with the financial support of Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

The opinions expressed in the video may not correspond to the views of the party funding the program.

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