The Results of #IamMediaLiterate Challenge are Summarized

Last month PJC announced a challenge #IamMediaLiterate which is about media literacy.

Young people from different parts of Armenia participated in this challenge presenting their recipe of media material fоr public awareness, where they present principles of credibility of the media field in their dialect.

The results of challenge were summarized. We have two winners who were selected by the jury.

According to the results of this challenge the authors of the best two materials are

The other participants’ materials can be found by the link below:

  •   Sevak Mirabyan –
  •   Liana Grigoryan –
  •   Karen Nelli –
  •   Liana Karapetyan –
  •   Kristine Mkrtchyan –
  •   Harut Babajanyan –

The Facebook post about the challenge can be found here.

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