Webinars under the Project “Rapid Response to COVID-19”

In the context of the state of emergency evolved by the new coronavirus pandemic, the Public Journalism Club initiated the “Rapid Response to COVID-19” project with the support of Open Society Foundations – Armenia. The project aims to raise public awareness about the new situation caused by the coronavirus.

In addition to other media products, more than two dozen webinars have been conducted within the framework of the project, related to several important topics, that have become even more timely in the context of the pandemic and have been in great demand. For example, the topics included psychological and mental health, parenting and self-care, which were very much useful to participants and followers to overcome psychological stress and obstacles during the state of emergency, under the conditions of isolation and self-isolation.

The list of webinars is below: 

  1. Media Management in Crisis: BBC Experience
  2. Coronavirus: Visible and Invisible Dangers
  3. Quarantine. Why is Self-Care Important in Stressful Situations? 
  4. Digital Security with Arthur Papyan
  5. Mobile Journalism with Edmond Sabella: BBC Experience
  6. Manipulation – Hidden Effect on a Person. How to Recognize and Protect Yourself?
  7. Digital Investigations with Harutyun Tsatryan
  8. Media Literacy for Everyone
  9. Social Media Management․ What to Do and What not?
  10. If the Coronavirus is Transmitted through the Eyes, does it Threaten Vision?
  11. Digital Journalism with Ahmed Zaki: BBC Series from Sydney
  12. Coronavirus – Reality and Perception
  13. The Impact of Coronavirus on People with Mental Health Problems
  14. Family Conflicts in Crisis Situations. How to Avoid or Prevent?
  15. What Topics to Present during the One-Hour News Program? BBS Experience
  16. Nowadays Causes of Stress: Ways to Overcome 
  17. Children in an Emergency: How to Protect Them from Negative Feelings?  
  18. Fact-Checking. Why and How?
  19. Why do we Find it Difficult to Tolerate Each Other? How can we Find Inner Peace and be more Tolerant of our Relative?
  20. Suicide: Types, Causes, Prevention
  21. My Home is My Castle: How Safe are we in that Castle?

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