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The Public Journalism Club is publishing a website on new coronavirus and state of emergency, rich in visual-textual content, created under the Covid-19 Rapid Response program.

The program aims to raise public awareness about the new situation caused by the coronavirus. It targets public health, social responsibility, human rights, civil liability, cooperation between the state and society. Within the framework of the program, was created, where the products created within the framework of the program are presented.

The site consists of several components.

  • Chronology – Here you can see the important news and announcements published since the first day of the spread of the new coronavirus in Armenia, both from officials, public figures and other credible sources. The decisions conditioned by the state of emergency, the daily statistics, the public speeches are presented day by day.
  • Photo Exhibition – This section presents the days of the state of emergency in Armenia in chronological order. The photo exhibition also includes special and different cases, government decisions, which are expressed visually.
  • Sectors (film production) – In the process of making the documentary, the PJC conducted interviews, research, studies on health, education, and social status, which are presented on the website by sectors. The emphasis was on expressing the position of the experts and beneficiaries in the field, describing the actual situation and presenting their own experience. The films reflect reality in a comprehensive way, present the government’s response to the crisis. This section is being updated.
  • Home – here is a brief information about the products created within the program. The PJC has developed several ways to ensure public awareness. Several types of media products have been published on the website: webinars, discussions, posters, social media challenges.

The website also reflects the “Armenia Alarm Channel” chatbot service. The purpose of the service is to promote public awareness, increase the level of public awareness through accessible and simple means. This service is unique in its kind, in the level of partnership. As a result of combining the resources of a non-governmental organization, the forces of Armenian and international IT companies, a service has been created using innovation, which can be used in any emergency situation (Facebook page, Chatbot messenger, Telegram channel).

The PSAs created by PJC were not left out of the public awareness component. Many actors, singers, human rights activists, doctors, children, citizens of the Republic of Armenia took part in the process of creating social advertisements, thus making it accessible to all groups of the society.

Research – A delegation from the Public Journalism Club conducted a study on legislative changes to the media during the state of emergency, how governments restricted media activity in Armenia, and in a number of other countries, creating a difficult, often incomprehensible, situation for journalists and the media. In addition, this section presents other studies conducted with the support of OSF Armenia.

This project is implemented by the Public Journalism Club with the support of Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

The views expressed on the website կայքում published in the Project արտադ may not coincide with the position of OSF – Armenia.

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