ASOE Acting for Safer Online Environment: information literacy intervention for preschools

Title: ASOE – Acting for Safer Online Environment: information literacy intervention for preschools

Donor: US Embassy in Yerevan 

Implementation period: June 2020 – April 2021

Project budget: 42.790 USD.

The purpose of the project is:

To promote media and information literacy in Armenia in preschool education  and advocate for the integration of these concepts in the national educational strategy and curricula through a series of actions aimed at inspiring, educating, training and motivating key stakeholders.

The project will focus on the early childhood and preschool educational programs and will support teachers and parents in the development of their skills to enable them to address the tough challenges of misinformation and disinformation.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes are:

a) to study the national educational curricula and find out possibilities for interventions and improvement of information and media literacy education in preschools of Armenia with the support of local, S. and Finnish experts

b) to provide high quality materials on media and information literacy in Armenian with a focus on pre-schools, including through the translation and publication of internationally renowned thematic story books into Armenian

c) to help teachers develop their capacity in teaching media and information literacy skills.

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