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Power up Youth Armenia

Public Journalism Club implemented a project entitledPower up Youth Armenia”, with the support of Open Society Foundations. The project was implemented during the period of February-December 2021.

The project goals were to assist youth in the regions of Armenia to fight against disinformation and fake news, to stimulate interest among youth towards media literacy and fact checking, to raise awareness among youth on media literacy, fact checking and social media activism towards dissemination of verified information and to build a network of media literate, like minded young people and unite them around the dedicated struggle against disinformation.

The project was targeted at youth living in the regions of Shirak, Lori and Armavir. Local, regional NGOs, youth clubs were reached out and invited to collaborate.

Within the framework of the project, Public Journalism Club has cooperated with the “All for Equal Rights Foundation” in the Shirak region.

Within the framework of the project workshops, contests, challenges were organized for young people from three regions of Armenia in Yerevan on media literacy, fact checking and identification of disinformation. Visual content produced by youth as a result of challenges and other incentives were generated and introduced. Master classes were organized for youth in the regions carried out by influencers, social media stars and well-known vloggers to inspire and to motivate young people. TV programs were produced and distributed via social media, mainstream TV channels during which media literacy skills were presented and shared with the audience in a youth friendly format.

The project budget was 49.000 USD.

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