Youth Taking Action and Making News

Public Journalism Club launches “Youth Taking Action and Making News” project with the financial assistance of the US Embassy in Armenia under the Democracy Commission Small Grants program.

The goal of the project is to motivate young school students from two selected administrative districts of Yerevan (Ajapnyak and Davtashen) to creatively identify improvements to their communities, promote those with their respective local governments and mobilize their peers, community leadership and activists to implement the best suggested solutions.

The 9th-10th graders of Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts will take part in an essay competition covering community issues and improvements. The master classes on innovative ideas, journalism and other subjects will help the students to propose their creative ideas.

The best two ideas (one per administrative region) for implementation will be selected by a professional jury. A group will be formed around the selected ideas for implementation action.

By the end of the project one idea per administrative region will be implemented.

The program includes:

  • Essay contest
  • Workshops on how to propose and present creative and catchy ideas
  • Training for teams working on an idea
  • Implementation of ideas

The most interesting essays written in the frame of “Youth Taking Action and Making News” project will be available on website.

The project launched on 1 October, 2015 and will last for 8 months.

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